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Total Medals Earned: 142 (From 49 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,750 Points

Tim's Time Travels

Medals Earned: 2/3 (15/65 points)

Bronze Medal 5 Points

Beat the first 8 games

Silver Medal 10 Points

Beat the first 16 games

Gold Medal 50 Points

Beat all 32 games

Time Fcuk

Medals Earned: 1/9 (10/270 points)

Is something wrong? 10 Points

get to lvl 9

You've learned nothing 5 Points

Get the bad ending

Everyone will leave you 10 Points

get to level 28

Opinionated 10 Points

vote on 3 maps

You are your only companion in life. 10 Points

get to level 22

Obsessed 25 Points

Vote on 33 maps

Lost in forever 50 Points

beat an explore campaign

The Assent 50 Points

Get the good ending

O))) 100 Points

Vote on 333 maps

Totally Odd

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/275 points)

Level 1 5 Points

Level 1

Level 2 10 Points

Level 2

Level 3 10 Points

Level 3

Level 4 25 Points

Level 4

Level 5 25 Points

Level 5

Level 6 50 Points

Level 6

Level 7 50 Points

Level 7

Level 8 100 Points

Level 8


Medals Earned: 6/9 (160/335 points)

Valentine 10 Points

Guide Valentine to safety!

Burt 25 Points

Guide Burt to safety!

Earl 25 Points

Guide Earl to safety!

Heather 25 Points

Guide Heather to safety!

Melvin 25 Points

Guide Melvin to safety!

Bros B4 Hoes 50 Points

Round up the troops.

Mindy 25 Points

Guide Mindy to safety!

Ladies Man 50 Points

Only save the women.

Worm Master 100 Points



Medals Earned: 1/14 (5/355 points)

Crash Course 5 Points

Destroy an enemy by ramming into it with your ship.

Bullet Time 5 Points

Obtain and use the Untouchable Drive.

Kamikaze 5 Points

Crash into an enemy, destroying both yourself and the enemy.

Electrocuted 10 Points

Destroy SKYNET

Fox Two 10 Points

Obtain the seeker launcher and fire it at a hostile target.

Super Stylish 10 Points

Get a combo of 12 or higher.

Unwound 10 Points

Destroy Blendo

Blammed 25 Points

Destroy Alvin the Tank

Blindsided 25 Points

Destroy the final boss

Experienced 25 Points

Score 120000 points in one game.

Immunity 25 Points

Gain a shield that protects your ship from damage

Expert 50 Points

Complete the game with at least 3 credits remaining.

Survivor 50 Points

Complete the game.

Untouchable 100 Points

Complete the game with a single ship.

Utopian Mining

Medals Earned: 3/22 (15/500 points)

COAL 5 Points

Find coal.

IRON 5 Points

Find iron.

Start off your adventure! 5 Points

Enter Utopia.

Being generous! 5 Points

Give John some money.

Vamos a la playa! 5 Points

Get some sand.

A good investment... 10 Points

Give Dave some money for his project.

Engineer 10 Points

Help building the steammachine.

GOLD 10 Points

Find gold.

It works! 10 Points

Make the steammachine work.

WOLFRAM 10 Points

Find wolfram.

DIAMOND 25 Points

Find diamond.

Expensive experiments 25 Points

Give George some smaragds.

Project completed! 25 Points

Give Dave some sand.

RUBY 25 Points

Find ruby.

Saving electricity 25 Points

Give George some wolfram.

SMARAGD 25 Points

Find smaragd.

The COre 25 Points

Get the COre.

Jewelry 50 Points

Give Jamie some rubies.

Hero 100 Points

Finish the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/400 points)

First blood 5 Points

Get the first kill

Girls killer 10 Points

Get the murder of girl

Slasher 10 Points

Get the first kill by saws

Box hate 25 Points

Break the 25 boxes

50 bullets 50 Points

Shoot 50 bullets

Bat destroyer 50 Points

Kill 20 bats

Half way 50 Points

Pass the first 20 levels

Spider slayer 50 Points

Kill 10 spiders

TNT master 50 Points

Blow up the 5 barrels of TNT

Skeleton hunter 100 Points

Pass 30 levels

Voodoo Trump

Medals Earned: 2/33 (20/330 points)

Hambourgeois clown 10 Points

Find Donald McDonald Trump

The Donald 10 Points

Let the money rain for Duck Trump

American Hero 10 Points

Find the Mexican Hero "EL Chapulín colorado"

Bad neighbor 10 Points

Find the skeleton Trump

Biggest poop 10 Points

Trump is full of crap

Born this way 10 Points

The creation of Donald

Cactus Trump 10 Points

Find the cactus

Chauvinist pig 10 Points

choose chauvinist pig

Colder than Subzero 10 Points

Fight mortal kombat

Crap Trump 10 Points

Find Trump shitting again

Dawn of the brain dead 10 Points

Find Zombie Trump

Debate Donald 10 Points

Choose Donald on Debate

Debate Kanye 10 Points

Choose Kanye West on debate

Eagle desk 10 Points

Help the eagle desk

El Chapo 10 Points

Find El Chapo

Freddy Krueger 10 Points

Let Freddy Krueger take care of the Donald

Fucks news 10 Points

Watch Fucks News

Hell yeah 10 Points

Find the shooting wall

Hitler wanna be 10 Points

Find Hitler Trump

Homeless Trump 10 Points

Find the Homeless Trump

I prefer Tacos 10 Points

Choose the Trump´s trophie wife

Jason Voorhees 10 Points

Let Jason Voorhees take care of the Donald

Mister Universe 10 Points

Find Mister Universe

Republican Party 10 Points

Find the Republican Party

Respect China 10 Points

Find the Chinesse Trump

Respect Mexico 10 Points

Find the Charro Trump

Respect women 10 Points

Find Trans Trump

Respects diversity 10 Points

Respect all religions, find Trump on Airport

The Wall 10 Points

Find the Wall

Under hair 10 Points

Find what´s under Trump hair

Volcano Trump 10 Points

Throw Donald Trump into the Volcano

Women Rights 10 Points

Choose woman right

You are Fired 10 Points

Find the Trump on fire

Zombies In Your Backyard

Medals Earned: 5/10 (70/325 points)

Can't wait to kill? 5 Points

Kill a zombie in the menu.

I wish that I could fly! 5 Points

Jump 10 times.

Caring for the little things in life... 10 Points

Kill 10 little zombies.

First half 25 Points

Survive 5 days.

Serial Killer 25 Points

Kill 50 zombies in one game.

Good choice! 5 Points

Click the Newgrounds-logo to visit Newgrounds.

Heavy metal! 50 Points

Buy the minigun.

Survivor 50 Points

Survive all 10 days.

That good old pistol... 50 Points

Survive until day 5 without buying a weapon from the shop.

Collector 100 Points

Buy all weapons from the shop.